We all need another eye on our writing. Copyediting ensures your writing is free of errors and is easily understandable to your audience. Copyediting addresses flaws on a technical level. 

Copyediting includes:  

  • Correcting grammar, punctuation, syntax and spelling errors
  • Ensuring consistency in font, hyphenation, capitalization
  • Editing for clarity and repetition 
  • Fact-checking (dates, names, etc.)
  • Removing typographical errors

If needed, a style guide may be included to ensure editing consistency in your communications (how a word is used or spelled for example).




Proofreading is used for print-ready communication pieces that have already been edited. The goal of proofreading is to catch any previously missed errors before a piece goes to publication. 

Proofreading considers:

  • Awkward page or line breaks
  • Page number references and order
  • Duplicated copy (mistakes made during the editing or design process)
  • Duplicated images
  • Font (size and style) inconsistencies