Did you know your brand communicates in many different ways?:

Website, internal and external emails, business cards, social profiles, advertisements and more! 

This combination of ongoing activities drives your customers to determine your brand—(that’s right, they decide what your company embodies). 

Brand communication is HUGE – as you know, your company has many touch points. 

When your customers absorb inconsistencies, your brand communication becomes diluted.

Are your communication pieces consistent, approachable and embody what you want to say?


Oswald Creative energizes companies toward coherent and congruent communication. 

Brand Communication packages include:

  • Internal communication audit (email signatures, style guides, internal newsletters, memos, inquiry scripts, etc.)
  • External communication audit (social profiles, press releases, sales letters, FAQs, ad copy, website content, promotional event copy, etc.)


How do you communicate with your employees and potential candidates?

Have you considered that it ultimately impacts your bottom line?

Think about it—would you prefer to buy from a company considered a reputable employer, or one known for treating employees poorly? 

On the other side, would you prefer to work for a company with reputable brand recognition or a company synonymous with ripping off customers? 

The beliefs we carry about a company (brand) influence our buying and work habits.   

Oswald Creative wants to showcase your company as a place to work AND THRIVE. 

Your employer brand communication pieces are important. We can help you engage quality candidates through driven language in:

  • Job description templates
  • Employer advertisements
  • Welcome letters
  • Employee newsletters
  • Employer website content


We understand that the written word is a piece of an effective marketing initiative. That’s why we have curated a network of incredible marketing professionals to partner with on our projects. We can facilitate and provide project management for campaigns involving:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Videography
  • Photography